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'X9x Download' Tool: OPUS Uploader:
Continuing support for Windows XP Users

For iGage Users of the X90D-OPUS, X900+, X91+, X91+S, i80 GPS/GNSS receivers who are still using legacy Windows XP computers. A work-around for the new secure NGS website.

On the 19th of December 2016, NGS transitioned to a HTTPS (Secure) website and OPUS occupation form as part of the 'HTTPS-Everywhere for Government' program. This is an excellent enhancement because it makes your interactions with the NGS private and secure.

However, the Microsoft 'Internet Explorer' web browser deployed with Windows XP computers is not compatible with the new secure NGS website.

This means that if you run the iGage 'X9x Download Tool' from a Windows XP computer, the tool can no longer assist you in submitting files to the OPUS engine. The following error message is displayed:

If your Windows XP machine had an early copy of the 'Google Chrome Browser' or the Firefox browser installed then you may be able to manually submit OPUS jobs using these alternate browsers. (Unfortunately it is no longer possible to install Chrome on Windows XP machines.) However the X9 Download tool is not capable of automating Chrome or Firefox.

We are happy to announce a new https: compatible automatic upload tool for users of X9 Download.

Starting in Build 9530 of our download tool, we are including a distribution of the 'OPUS_Upload' application which is capable of automatically submitting jobs to NGS.

You can install this latest build by visiting the Update web page and installing the latest tool, here is a link:

[ X9 Download Tool Update Page ]

The installer is a code-signed installation tool that will update your existing application to the latest tool. It will also install the tool directly on machines without existing installations.

Once installed, you will probably notice that the X9x download toll has a new desktop icon:

When you start the X9x Download tool, click on the 'Configuration' tab, then check the 'Use Direct OA Submission':

With this box checked, the X9x Download tool will launch a helper application and automatically send your occupation file to the NGS server.

Look on the bottom status line for 'End HTTP work', then click on the 'Close' button. Since your browser can't evaluate the secure result webpage, you won't be able to see the OPUS submission confirmation page.

The OPUS Upload tool automatically selects OPUS-Static or OPUS-Rapid Static based on the length of your occupation (files longer than 118 minutes are submitted as static.) The OPUS Upload tool won't allow you to Include/Exclude CORS stations. If you need to use advanced functionality, you will have to manually submit jobs using Firefox or an older version of Chrome.

The latest version of the X9x Download tool also includes several major enhancements:

  • A new RINEX tool which fixes some errors reading some HCN files.
  • An updated version of TEQC
  • The ability to trim the beginning and end of an occupation file.
  • A direct launch for remote assistance
  • A direct job upload to iGage for assisting with errant observation files

As always, if you have any problems with the download tool or your iGage receivers, please call us. We can remotely help you update your download tool and assist debugging any submission issues.



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