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Feedback Cards

Price, Value, Service, Support, Quality: are easy to talk about but it takes real commitment to deliver them all at once, over and over. When we fall short, hopefully we can fix our mistakes.

In late 2015, we started sending 'Prepaid Feedback Postcards' out with every new receiver that we sell and have retroactively sent them to all existing X90 and X900 customers.

The best way for you to evaluate our support, service and products may be to take a moment and look at the actual returned cards.

We have included every card that has been returned to us (good, indifferent and negative.) You can click on each of the cards to view the full sized scan.

Our sincere thanks to all of our customers who take the time to fill out and return these cards. They REALLY do make a difference!

   < ^ Scans through 4 Jan 2016 >

Scans through 13 Feb 2016


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