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 X90-OPUS User Feedback

Feedback Cards
  In late 2015, we started sending 'Prepaid Feedback Postcards' out with every new receiver that we sell and retroactively sent them to all existing X90 and X900 customers.

The best way for you to evaluate our support, service and products might be to take a moment and look at the actual cards. We have included every card that has been returned to us:

[ Feedback Cards ]

Kind words from folks who have purchased an X90-OPUS

Matt Harnett, PLS
Harnett Land Surveying, Inc.
Johnstown, Pa.  15906

I had the X90 for 15 minutes and it was up and running. I like the external battery option.

The first (OPUS-RS) occupation is within .1 feet of what I had established with the ProMark 2 from an NGS monument. I had a friend observe the same point with RTK and X-90 was right in between them. Your product really is easy to use.

            I have high hopes for my new adventure into global positioning. Its very different than having to occupy a known or two in order to get anything. I took it home with me last night and my wife was a bit put off by my looking at it for long periods of time.

Jimmy Cleveland, RLS
Turning Point Land Surveys
Brighton, Tennessee

As far as the receivers go, man I could not be happier.

I had two receivers running on setups just like that, and I was collecting boundary information and staking boundary lines while collecting static data. Those setups save me about 2.5 to 3 hours of field time every time I use them.

These receivers are amazing. I am very, very pleased with mine. I have told many of my friends about them.

< Check out the receiver on a traverse point!

Jefferson Castro
North Eastern Brazil
3 47' 23"S,  38 28' 55"W, 14.147mts

Easy and simple operation the GPS OPUS, presented a perfect performance in a geodetic base developed by two brands of GPS used previously: (..., ...). Data were processed using GNSS solutions, and the Brazilian government IBGE with a small deviation in their mm, congratulations for providing a reliable product!

This product is approved by its great performance in the southern hemisphere.

Thank you!

Steve Hall, Wyoming Water Rights, Worland WY:
This is an awesome unit! I like everything about it. The case is top of the line. The receiver is well constructed. The software is simple and well thought out. Everything about this unit is awesome! Oh, and the price! I am impressed! < click to enlarge


WOW!!!!  The re-observed results of the $20k RTK unit was only (different) 0.04' in Northing, and 0.03' in Easting from my "X-90 OPUS" 15-minute observation.

I am very impressed with the "X-90 OPUS" unit and agree totally with the write up given it in the recent edition of GPS World.

Richard A. Roberge, PLS:

I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how happy I am with my new X90 OPUS GPS receiver. It is so easy to use, both in the field and in the office, and the automatic upload to OPUS makes it even easier. Thanks for a great product at a fantastic price!


Richard A. Roberge, PLS
Hilltown Land Surveys
Cummington, MA


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