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You can download:

X9x Download Tool

The X90-OPUS GPS  and X900S-OPUS receivers include an easy-to-use tool that automates downloading observation data from the receiver.

The Download Tool automatically finds the GPS receiver, downloads occupations and helps you set the instrument height /  Point-ID / Description. With one button press, you can QC the occupation for errors, decimate the occupation to 30-second epochs and ZIP the result for submission to NGS OPUS (plus RTX, AUSPOS). The Download Tool even automatically loads the NGS submission page, fills in all of the blanks and guides you through the submission.


 [ Latest version 9530 ]

to download the latest installer and User Manual for 'X9x Download.' The digitally-signed self installing tool will install and configure the tool on your Windows based machine.

Important: If you are running Windows XP, please [ read this ] for information on how to make the X9 Download tool compatible with Windows XP.


Note to pre-B9201 users: after you update, the first time you download from a receiver the download tool may ask you what model the GPS device is:

Choose the correct Receiver Model from the list:



X91+ with internal Satel Radio = CHC X91+S

X91+ with internal CHC Radio = CHC X91+

X900+ with internal Satel Radio = CHC X900+S

X900+ with internal CHC Radio = CHC X900+

You will only be asked this question once, your answer is stored both on the receiver and on your computer.

Download Future Versions [ 9507 ] [ 9530 ]

Download Previous Versions

[ 9428 ] [ 9427 ] [ 9405 ] [ 9319[ 9318 ]  [ B9205] [ B9201 ] [ B9200 ]
B9163 ] [ B9156 ] [ B9115 ] [ B9104 ] [ B9103 ] [ B9095 ]

X90 Firmware

Updated firmware version 8.01 is available. This update addresses only one minor issue:
  Julian Date is 1 based instead of 0
which results in the Julian date in the filename being 1-day higher than expected.

We recommend that you not bother installing this update, unless the Julian date is a important part of your workflow.

EASY WAY>> Desktop tools Build 9154 and higher include an automatic update feature which is described in the online user manual included with the build.

HARD WAY>> Or you may use this link [ Firmware_X90-OPUS_R8.01_19Nov2013.zip ] which will download a ZIP file from which you can extract the update tool (digitally signed executable) and instructions. The procedure is very simple and requires a COM port on a Windows based computer. It has been tested on Win XT, 7, 8, 8.1 in both 32 and 64-bit environments.

X900S-OPUS Firmware

There is currently no updated firmware available for the X900S-OPUS receiver.

Sample X90 Data Set

Since the X90-OPUS receiver emulates a USB Thumb Drive, if you have a thumb drive you can emulate a X90-OPUS receiver and evaluate the download tool.

Download this ZIP file:

[ Sample X90-Data ]

Extract the contents to the root folder of a thumb-drive. Plug the thumb-drive into your computer and you will be ready to evaluate the X90 Download Tool with real data.

Antenna Files

[ CHC X90D-OPUS .gra File ] (diameter and Height)

[ CHC X900S-OPUS .gra File ] (diameter and Height)

[ CHC X90D-OPUS .003 File ] (old style NGS Antenna Definition)

[ CHC X900S-OPUS NONE.003 File ] (old style NGS Antenna Definition)


[ CHC X90D-OPUS .atx File ] (new style Antenna Definition)

[ CHC X900S-OPUS NONE.atx File ] (new style Antenna Definition)


[ CHC Antenna .gra File ] (all CHC antenna)


The X90-OPUS is defined in the IGS Antenna Working Group's antenna.gra file:

Receiver Files

X90-OPUS: [ CHC X90D-OPUS .tab File ] (receiver description file)

X900S-OPUS: [ CHCX90D-OPUS_NONE.tab File ] (receiver description file )

[ CHC receiver .tab File ] (all CHC receivers)


The X90-OPUS receiver and antenna are defined in the IGS Equipment Description file:

GNSS Solutions

[ Registering the X90-OPUS antenna in GNSS Solutions ]


The X900S-OPUS receiver is not (yet) a listed receiver in TBC / SPSO. Information about adding the X900S as a Custom Antenna can be found [ here ].

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