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 X90-OPUS Tools

X90 Tool Download: [ x90gps.com/out ] Filelist
OPUS Accumulator:

Reads every *.txt & *.msg file in 'Path to Process', attempts to extract OPUS results from each file. Tabulated values are sorted by start-time then written to Summary.prn in the same path. Columns with numeric data are summarized with Min, Max, Range, Average and the Sample Standard Deviation.

Input files can be Text files or Outlook Message files (you can drag and drop groups of OPUS solutions directly into a folder, the OA should read them.)

Download ZIP: [ OPUSAccumulator.zip ] unzip digitally signed Win32 executable. Current Version: Build 65. This is freeware, use and distribute as you see fit. [ Src ]

Click [ ] to see a sample spreadsheet of results.

Change Log:
2013.04.06: Worked around issues with mailers that split report lines and strip whitespace.
2013.04.14: Added 'Ephemeris' column to reported data.
2013.06.11: Added tabulation of Min,Max,Rng,Avg,StdDev to numeric columns
2013.06.17: Changed icon. Changed the names of header lines. Detect missing values on read, provide message.
2013.07.26: Trap <tel:xxx.xxxx.xx.xxx> strings from email containers.
2014.09.28: Accumulate state plane and UTM coordinates, with statistics.
2014.10.12: Added DMS coordinates for geographic averages


OPUS Accumulator Sample Data A ZIP file containing 563 NGS OPUS reports for testing the "OPUS Accumulator."

Download ZIP: [ OA Sample Data ]



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