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X90-OPUS Press Room

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June 24th 2013:  [ X90-OPUS GPS ]    Word [ X90-OPUS_GPS Doc ]


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Why X90-OPUS?

Easiest to use Precision GPS Receiver for OPUS ready collection:

USB Interface, no serial ports, no Bluetooth

Download program fully automates OPUS submission

Download program reduces upload file size, makes field operation possible

One button operation: Setup over mark, turn receiver on, wait 16-minutes, turn receiver off.

Best in Class Performance:

Huge ground plane antenna reduces multipath.

4-GB Internal Memory

Breakthrough price!

1/3 the price of any other L1/L, OPUS ready receiver.

Allows small surveyors access to accurate OPUS solutions for grounding (X, Y and Elevation) optical surveys.

Allows static campaign surveys to use more receivers for simultaneous occupations. Reduces leap-frogging receivers.

Allows for more receivers for OPUS-Project campaigns.

Price includes heavy-duty case, foam inserts, two batteries, dual charger, external power cable. This receiver will last a lifetime.

A under $2,500 price for a dual frequency receiver is groundbreaking.

Please don't let the low price convince you that the X90 is cheap. The X90-OPUS is built with FANTASTIC quality and finish. All needed accessories are included. Even a spare battery and an external battery cable.

So how did we do it?

  • The X90-OPUS receiver does not track GLONASS: since OPUS does not use GLONASS, the X90-OPUS is perfect.

  • The X90-OPUS receiver does not need a data collector. You turn it on and when it is tracking sufficient SV's it opens and records an observation file. When the occupation is complete, you turn it off and the file is closed.

  • We (iGage) control the download tool. So we can quickly make changes and fix issues.

  • The X90-OPUS is just exactly what you need, it can't be upgraded. We are not paying for extra stuff that we might turn-on at a later time.

  • We purchase the X90-OPUS direct from the factory. They are made for us and there are no middlemen.

That is what makes the X90-OPUS reasonably priced. It is just what you need.


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